Condo Conversion Testimonials

“You and your staff proved to be professional and effective in dealing with the people who expressed reservations about the conversion. I expected a lot when we hired you, and I can honestly say that you have exceeded my already high expectations. Simply, a job well done!.”

Ron Regwan, board member

Wilshire Regent Association
“We believe our transition to condos was smooth because we chose the best and most experienced law office concerning this area of the law”.

J. Joe, Treasurer

Lyn Oaks Condominium Association
“I know I am speaking for everyone at The Oakes when I tell you how very very pleased we have been at the services and advice you have provided during our condo conversion. We can’t thank you enough for a job WELL DONE”.

Mariann Vancura

The Oakes Homeowners Association
“You (Lilia Ramirez, Murakami Law Paralegal) took my personal issue to heart and helped me reach a goal that I am not sure I would have reached without your attention to the matter. It really says a lot about a person that goes the extra mile for someone else even though there is no benefit to them or is outside of their responsibility”.

G.D. Reddington

Californian Condominiums Association
“We feel very lucky to be a Condo now that no major lender seems to be on the horizon for OYO’s, and loans are almost catch-as-catch-can. Please feel free to mention Appleton Electra as a reference. I would consider it a pleasure to mention your thoroughness in explaining the process and the patience of your staff in working through the myriad of details the process involved.”

Dan Magee, Board Member

Appleton Electra Association, Inc.,
371 Van Ness Way, Suite 110, Torrance, California. 90501-6295
(310) 961-5260 x 101
(866) 866-3097

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