Condo Conversions

Condo Conversions

Murakami Law has converted over 1000 apartments and own-your-owns into condominiums throughout California. Please click on one of the links to the left to get additional information.

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Apartments to Condos

Murakami Law provides developers with services ranging from specific steps in the process to coordination of the entire project. Project coordination includes finding and coordinating architects, engineers and other professionals necessary to prepare the application with the city.

We also provide developers with specific services such as drafting of CC&Rs and association formation; drafting of CC&Rs and association formation; and changing use to condominiums in cities that require such a change.

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Community Apartments akaOYOs to Condo

Murakami Law has earned a reputation as a leading legal practitioner in the highly specialized field of converting community apartment projects, aka own-your-own community apartments (O-Y-O’s) into condominiums. With over 1000 successful conversions of own-your-owns into condominiums, we know how to complete your conversion in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

From start to finish, Murakami Law will guide you through the entire conversion process.

We provide Bylaws, CC&R’s, Condominium Plans, Deeds, and other legal documents customized for your project.

In addition to drafting and recording documents, we coordinate our efforts with experienced civil engineers, land surveyors, government planning departments, lenders, and title companies to carry your conversion to completion.

During the conversion process, our staff will ensure that all ownership issues are resolved. Examples of such issues include, but are not limited to, updating ownership in the name of a trust as a result of the following occurrences: a change in marital status or the death of a spouse.

Every owner will receive a clean, easy-to-read, draft copy of documents for review and revision before they are recorded.

To see some of the conversions we have completed, click here.
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