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Timothy Murakami has practiced real estate law in Southern California for the past 28 years. His experience and expertise have earned him a place as one of the leading attorneys specializing in condominium conversions (apartments, cooperatives, and own-your-owns) and in the preparation of master management documents (CC&R’s, Bylaws, etc.) for subdivision projects.

Murakami Law has successfully completed over 1000 own-your-own and apartment conversions throughout California and has prepared the master management documents for thousands of residential, commercial, and mixed-use subdivision projects located throughout the state.

Mr. Murakami and his staff consistently strive to provide their clients with the highest quality legal service in a personalized and professional manner. Please take the time to research this website for information pertaining to your real estate needs. Feel free to contact our office directly for more specific answers to your real estate questions.

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Murakami Law specializes in comprehensive legal services in two specific areas of real estate law

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